Our Membership is Not For sale; it Must Be Earned 


About BraveHeroes

We provide a 100% free membership to Fire Fighters, EMT s, Police Officers, Military families and employees of qualifying non-profits.


Brave Heroes'  goal is to provide our members with the best local deals from local restaurants, hotels, entertainment, spa, home services and much, much more. 


Our membership cannot be purchased, BraveHeroes will never ask their members for any money or personal financial information.

To see if your non-profit qualifies,  please send us an email at:  Sales@Braveheroes.org 

You must be approved as a member to have access to our VIP card.  Once you're fully verified, you will have access to all our benefits for free.


To see if you qualify, download our free app below and submit your request through the app.


If you have any questions, please submit us an email